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Decorating the Home with Color

There are many homes with bland color schemes that call to mind a hospital or a dental office. If you want to avoid making everything white or black, try using some colors to shake things up. A lot of homeowners avoid colors due to how easily they may clash, but you can have a beautiful home filled with color by taking some of these ideas into consideration.

Use Patterns & Colors together

If you’re going to be using patterns, such as colored feathers, a good idea is to tone down the colors that are going to be around it. The more patterns in a room, the more muted and calm the surrounding colors should be. This offsets how chaotic patterns can look while making the home look more visually appealing.

Think of Colors as a Family

If you want to get experimental with colors, try thinking of colors as families and sticking to a strict color palette. Each color has several variations, for example blue can be sky blue, navy blue, turquoise, cobalt, and more. By using variations of each color in your palette, you can create a diverse look.

Pick & Repeat Palettes

If you’re new to using colors in the home, the best way to get started is to decide on a color palette and use it throughout the house. This can make the rooms feel like they go together cohesively, and it makes decorating a bit easier. You won’t have to worry about so many colors and you can still have a beautiful and colorful home.

colored feathers

When decorating the home with bright colors, you no longer have to be intimidated. You can have an eye-catching home that avoids looking tacky or too bold with these simple considerations for decorating a colorful home. Be sure to allow your personal style to shine and don’t be afraid to try new things in your home.

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