How to Turn Your Small Outdoor Space into the Perfect Summer Garden

Summer is finally here. And, Oregon in the summer is like nothing else. I is flourishing with plants and overrun by cascading tress that urge you to explore the outdoors.

If you love the summer breeze, but you are not much of an outdoorsman (or woman), then you can bring the great outdoors to your backyard. Even if you have just a small outdoor space, you can make small renovations to get a beautiful summer garden.

Establish a solid perimeter

The first and most important step is to outline and define the area you want to create your garden in. An easy way to do this is to create a walkway from your home right to your new tranquil area.

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This can be done a variety of ways. You can call a stepping stones washington county or specialist for help deciding which walkway is right for you.

You can outline the perimeter, create a short path that stops and opens up to a wide and open space, and you can design a path that winds right through your soon-to-be tranquil garden.


The next step is to go shopping for plants. There are really no rules here. If you love big, leafy plants then feel free to get those. And, if you love smaller, more vibrant plants, then those are great, too.

The idea is to surround yourself with nature exactly the way you want to be surrounded. You’re creating your perfect summer environment, and plants are a key part.

Benches and Lights

Don’t forget to give yourself somewhere to sit! It wouldn’t be very relaxing to have to sit in the grass because you forgot to add some seating. Benches or outdoor couches are perfect additions to a summer garden.

Throw in some sparkly lights wrapped around trees or standing light posts, and you will have a perfect outdoor spot for the summer.